"An International Multi-Disciplined Environmental, Trade And Business Consulting Company Providing A Variety Of Products And Services"

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Trade / Manufacturing








Website Design, Development, Site Optimization


Wines, Processed Foods, clothing, sportswear, Finished Wood Products, etc.

Environmental plans, endangered and protective specie surveys, environmental monitoring programs, recycling, solid waste, hazardous waste, etc.

Business development plans, and marketing analysis reports for a variety to business to include restaurants, fast food chains, real estate, travel, insurance, etc.

Develop simple and easy to maintain "do it yourself" websites for large and small businesses


Locate and deliverproducts per client's request /Manufacture customized requests. 


Set up sustainable environmental management programs to ensure compliance withenvironmental laws and regulations.


Conduct business consulting, marketing analysis, product surveys, risk calculations, etc.


Teach businesses on limited budgets on how to obtain a virtual presence without spending a lot of money for the development and maintenance of websites.

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