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Rossetti International is a U.S. owned company incorporated and headquartered in Hagatna Guam. Rossetti International is a manufacturer and distributor of various products and provides a number of professional services such as environmental and business consulting in assisting businesses to set up in various foreign countries and to also assist companies in obtaining contacts and leads on an international scale.


Ron Rossetti, founder and president of Rossetti International, was born in a foreign country of American parents and has worked and lived in various foreign countries pretty much his whole life learning the culture and language while at the same time establishing many business relationships with a variety of companies. Not only does he have the business sense for private industry but has also worked with the the U.S. Government both Nationally and Internationally on a variety of multimillion dollar projects. 


No matter where your company is currently located, whether in mainland U.S.A or in a country outside the U.S.A., Rossetti International is the solution for setting up your company to attain an international presence to include catering to the international communities whether located within or outside of their own country.

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